‘Save Devaraja Urs Road’

Star of Mysore editor K.B. Ganapathy has made a couple of very interesting points in the last ten days, both concerning the senseless spending by our civic authorities.

The first is on the plan of the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) to develop the “Arch Gate” that is located at the junction of Irwin Road and Bangalore-Niligiri road, near the suburban bus station.

A grand sum of Rs 20 lakh is to be spent on the project which, in the words of the police commissioner Praveen Sood, if I remember right, will be to Mysore what the India Gate is to New Delhi.

Be that as it may, the question KBG asks is, do we need to spend Rs 20 lakh on what in the end will only be a glorified circle?

KBG says that, when completed, “The Arch Gate will have, at its pedestal, some grill work either to prevent cinema posters being pasted or some drunken driver damaging the gate. Next some spotlight will be provided to illuminate the Ach Gate. And for this, Rs 20 lakh?!”

The second bone KBG picks is with the budgetary allocation of Rs 4 crore made by the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) to concretise Devaraja Urs Road from K.R. Circle upto Maharani’s College.

Again, KBG asks some very pertinent questions regarding the aesthetics behind such a plan, but the most important question he raises is the most obvious one: is this necessary at all?

Is it necessary when the asphalted road is doing its job quite well? Is it necessary when water, electricity, sewage, telephone authorities are forever digging and cutting the road? Etcetera.

But the key question to be asked, which KBG doesn’t, is this: if the MCC always uses “lack of funds” to explain away all its inadequacies and ineffiencies, how does it find Rs 4 crore to garland a white elephant called Devaraja Urs Road?