Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #1

Churumuri, in the true tradition of good journalism, will keep an eagle-eye on affairs at the company that spares no effort to tell the world that it is the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, hereinafter referred to as Murthy Angadi.

So, here goes.

The chaps serving orange juice at Murthy Angadi recently wanted to hike the price per cup from Rs 10 to Rs 11.

If you use the inflation factor that has been used to justify the Rs 25,000 hike in annual fees at the IIMs, a 10 per cent hike might (ought to) seem insignificant.

After all, most trainees at Murthy Angadi earn upwards of Rs 15,000 per month.

But the Facilities Chaps reportedly shot down the vendor’s demand for a hike. Worse, when the vendor did not take the hint and pipe down, they terminated the contract.

Here’s what will make a nice case-study at some IIM: The new orange juice vendor charges Rs 12 per cup.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations mentioned ‘Look What’s Happening at Murthy Angadi’ are wholly fictitious and the figment of the writer’s diminishing imagination. Any resemblance to characters, alive or kicking, is unintentional and coincidental.