Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #3

A middle-level management type was waiting at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, also known as Murthy Angadi, to take the lift to his third-floor office.

The middle-level management type had recently broken his leg and was finding it difficult to climb the stairs.

Suddenly, sowcar-ru materialised out of nowhere, also to take the lift.

“What are you doing young man?” sowcar-ru asked.

“Waiting for the lift, sowcar-re,” said the middle-level management type.

“Why? Can’t you take the stairs?” sowcar-ru asked.

“But, sir, my leg’s broken,” said the middle-level management type, “and the doctor’s advised me not to strain myself.”

“Young man,” speechified the sowcar-ru, “when I was your age and had a fracture in the leg, I always used to climb the stairs. Even if it was 10 floors up.”

Thus, the middle-level management type began his long, upward journey in the sanctimonious environs of Murthy Angadi.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations mentioned in ‘Look What’s Happening at Murthy Angadi’ are completely kalpanika. Any resemblance to characters, alive or tripping, is unintentional, coincidental and just one of those things that happen in life.