The driver’s hand is where the heat is

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: The heat is on…. goes an old, popular English number.

And for those taxi drivers whose cars have an air conditioner, it must be all the more so. Or so it seems!

Look around anywhere on the roads in our part of the world and you’ll see an incredibly ridiculous line on the back glass of most taxis, stuck prominently in white. In radium-sticker material.


And to think indicators that start blinking at the tug of a small lever to indicate where you’re turning were invented much earlier, I’m sure, than the ACs that came to be part of an automobile’s paraphernalia!

Why not, for Lord Sharanam Aiyappa’s sake, just turn on that amber light on your damn car’s backside and inform the whole world where on earth you want to turn, while at that wheel?

AC or no AC!

Meanwhile, I saw a white taxi hurtling down the Kanne Gowdana Koppal road the other day.

I suspect I heard the music system playing, well, the heat is on….