Dr Raj Kumar’s Top-10 Films

MADAN KUMAR writes: If one were to look at the kind of Hindi films that are promoted and hyped, virtually every one of Dr Raj Kumar's films would easily rank as a classic, rendering a top-10 list redundant.

Still, if a very focussed attempt were to be made to zero in on Dr Raj's top-10 films, this is how my list would read, not necessarily in the same order:

1) Kasturi Nivasa

2) Bangarada Manushya

3) Mayura

4) Kaviratna Kalidasa

5) Sanadi Appanna

6) Babruvahana

7) Bhakta Kumbara

8) Gandhada Gudi

9) Naa Ninna Mareyalaare

10) Shankar Guru

Do you agree with this list? Shouldn't Aakasmika figure? Get into the debate. Leave a comment.