‘Fans’ murder Dr Raj Kumar’s good name

SUNAAD RAGHURAM: As I write this, the body of the great Raj kumar is less than an hour from being buried; from becoming one with the very soil of Kannada that he was so fond of, all his waking and sleeping moments.

But to see on television, on a day as profoundly sombre as this, the shocking mayhem, the utter lawlessness, the sheer disregard for dignity and decorum, the chaos and strife, on the streets of shiny, IT-proud Bangalore, being perpetrated by hoodlums, gangsters, criminals and such other assortments belonging to the plainly crude, callous and morally depraved underbelly of the city, takes the breath away.

All in the name of ‘expressing’ their sorrow at the loss of their idol. 

The scenes made me retch for the repulsiveness of it all. I could see hordes and hordes of men just playing to the television cameras; Rajkumar’s portrait in hand; waving, jumping, heaving, pushing, and… grinning widely! In the direction of the camera.  

Thoughtless laughter amidst pathos.

Such moral turpitude.

Such insensitivity.

For a vast majority of the men on the Bangalore streets today, it seemed to be just a day out. Taking out their frustrations, showing their guttural deviations of mind, the perverseness that exists within.

In all this has been lost the sanctity of the situation; its divinity; its respect.

All on the day of the funeral of a man who was one of the greatest Kannadigas ever born.

A man who so sincerely strived to uphold the Kannada flag.

The very same flag that has of late been seen to be waved, not with any pride or well placed fervour, but with the menace and coarseness of intimidatory crudity by cheap characters reeking of dubiousness.

Truly a mirror of the times.

What a shame for Kannada. And Kannadigas.

ps: Huttidare Kannada nadalli hutta beku… goes an
extremely popular Rajkumar number.

If there is anything called rebirth, rest assured, the
great man will have second thoughts after a day like this one!