Just who are these blithering buffoons?

Tense situation forces Chief Minister to retreat from Kanteerava Studio… Violence toll rises to four… Firing in the air, tear gas shells used… Army told to be on alert.

These are the headlines on television as the police fight pitched battles with goons and vandals on the rampage.

As Raghavendra Rajkumar‘s plaintive pleas reach nobody, as family members wait for semblance of order, as a tonsured Leelavathi and Vinod Raj wait for a glimpse, surely it is not wrong to ask:

Who are the idiots who are doing this?

What are they angry about?

And why are they so intent on reducing us to buffoons in the eyes of the world?

Buffoons who cannot give the great a moment of peace and quiet on a return journey.

Buffoons who lack the very thing that their master and mentor had by the plenty: Decency.