MIDWEEK MASALA: The CM and the Elephant

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: As the Chief Minister was walking towards the entrance at the Vidhana Soudha, he saw a crowd surrounding an elephant.

The mahout was calling out, "Come one, come all! Make the elephant cry, you will get Rs. 100! Entry fee is only Re. 1."

A number of people tried their luck, narrating heart-rending stories to the tusker. The elephant was unmoved. Seeing this, the CM wondered, "Why not take a chance here too?" 

After paying the entry fee, he went close and whispered something in the elephant’s ear. Miraculously, tears started rolling down its cheeks.

While handing out the Rs. 100, the mahout asked him what he told the elephant. "I just told him my name and said, 'I am the new C.M. of Karnataka!’"

Next day, at the same time the mahout was back with the same elephant. This time he was offering Rs. 1000 for anyone who could make the elephant laugh! The entry fee was Rs. 10.

As the CM approached the place, he found people telling all kinds of jokes, but still the elephant was unmoved. The mahout was initially reluctant, but allowed the CM to try his luck.  

As the CM whispered something in the ear, the elephant burst out to uncontrolled laughter!

When the mahout asked him what he whispered this time, he said, "I again said I am the CM of Karnataka, and that the car I use for official use is an Ambassador!"