MTV isn’t the only channel making a Bakra of you

For some reason, automotive journalists, travel journalists, food experts and technology journalists have always been expected to be buffoons on TV.

Now, it appears business journalists are on the way. When the Sensex touched 10000, the on-air anchors on CNBC wore T-shirts and head bands proclaiming the magic figure. Yesterday, when it touched 12000, CNBC actually had cheer girls heralding the glad tidings with placards shouting 12K.

What will they do when it touches 15000? Strip?

Sure, it's a happy moment for the stock markets and the media should seek to convey the thrill, but there is such a thing as detachment attachment. But to see a channel that ought to be keeping an eagle-eye becoming such a gung-ho participant in a market in which it is a listed company should leave you wondering which way business journalism is headed. And where that leaves the hapless "retail investor" who makes his decisions based on it.