Boosa, Kuule, Matash, Woost: A short dictionary

SUNAAD RAGHURAM and SRINIVAS N.G. write: As with any City, Mysore has its own patois. A set of words and phrases unique to the City and its residents. But with hundreds now flocking to Mysore, churumuri presents a short dictionary of words that they better get used to. Or else.

A for Apase (as in cheat, to be read like you read apace), Ambak (as in cheating), All Round Master (as in man with many vices)

B for Bombaat, Baby (as in an arrack sachet), Biskath (as in promising the moon), body (as in brassiere), Britis (as in someone who speaks excessive English), Boosa (as in someone who hogs a lot)

C for Chindi, Chitranna, Chuchapu (as in switch off, finished)

D for Dongi, Dabba, Dovvu (as in lover), Drink Master (as in alcoholic), Dose (as in medicinal dose denoting fear), Dubak (as in fake), Dagaar (as in prostitute)

E for Escape, Enka (as in foolish person)

F for Fitting (as in putting a spoke in the wheel), Finisu (as in murdering)

G for Gaandu (as in cowardly person), Ghuushlu, Gamaad (both as in brainless person), gundu (as in drinking)

H for Harka (as in boastful person), Headda (as in stupid), Hyapa (as in nincompoop), Half Murder (as in injuring someone grievously)

I for Ilu (as in mentally abnormal and not I love you!)

J for Japaala (as in surreptitiously administering a laxative!), Japaanu (as in petting a girl!)

K for Korma, Khadeema, Keppa, Kyate, Kindal, Kuule (as in creating noisy scenes), Kireeku, Kantri

L for Lodde, Laang (as in a sword)

M for Manja, Matash, Maal (as in attractive girl), Meetru (as in trying to be one up on someone), Mindri (as in unscrupulous person)

N for Navarangi (as in showman)

O for Othla (as in worthless person), Olu (as in blatant exaggeration)

P for Pauper Cheeti, Pukla, Pataar (as in the sound of a slap!), Paalty (as in party)

Q for Quarter Master (as in alcoholic)

R for Rackpot (as in creating a ruckus), Rayya (as in urging the bus or lorry driver to move)

S for Sakath, Scheme, Sketch, Spot out (as in dying on the spot in an accident), Set Up (as in having a mistress), Self-suicide, Steel body, Sisya (as in underling)

T for Tirke (as in vagabond), Tarle, Ticket (as in someone dying), TK (as in arrogance!), Tagadu, Thangal, Tight (as in drunk)

U for Udiis

V for Vasi (as in small)

W for Waste body (as in useless person), Woost (as in goner)

X for Xinkilika (as in exultation!)

Y for Yelsu (as in immature), Yenda (as in drink), Yandalli (as in simpleton), Yeth Angadi (as in evicting someone)

Z for Zabardast (as in full blooded)


Have more words to contribute? More stunning phrases and sentences heard Only in Mysore? Drop a comment. Help your brethren and cistern.