The bull run begins to throw up a bit of bull dung

We know that a number of wiseheads from some of India's finest news organisations, print and electronic, are watching churumuri closely (when their bosses aren't around!).

May we request some of them to throw light on a simple doubt in our minds: how on earth does Sun TV manage to close at Rs 1,466 on the day of listing, up 67 per cent over the issue price of Rs 875.

Or, to ask the same question in another way: does a Tamil channel which is the very epitome of crass, third-rate, star-obsessed programming (which is then heaped on captive Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam viewers) have more dum to it than, say, Reliance Industries which closed the day at Rs 977?

Don't tell us about monopoly. Don't tell us about investor apetite. Don't tell us about the FIIs. We know all that. Tell us something we don't about how the stock markets work.