Are the Tamil Nadu elections “free and fair”?

Television coverage of the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu is a breathtaking lesson in partisanship.

Voters who watch Sun TV, the dominant channel, get the DMK view and only the DMK view. Voters who watch Jaya TV, get the AIADMK view and only the AIADMK view.

With the Sun TV group heavily cross-promoting a magazine (Kumgumam) and a newspaper (Dinakaran) it owns, voters are getting the most lopsided view of the issues on hand.

Back in the old days, when the Election Commission used to allot time to all parties on Doordarshan, at least it was a level playing field. But with the media so polarised and voters only possessing one set of eyeballs, how can this be a free and fair election when the voter isn't possessed of all the facts?

And how can the EC let such a mockery of democracy take place?