‘We should not let the goondas get away’

Who pays for the lives snuffed out in the violence following Dr Raj Kumar's death? Who pays for the property damaged? And who takes responsibility in the government and in the administration?

In a powerful essay, BHAMY V. SHENOY (click on the top right of the screen) compares what happened in Bangalore to what happened in New Delhi following Indira Gandhi's death.

"The violence was not the work of emotionally charged fans but the calculated work of mafias paid for by the 'invisible hand'," writes Shenoy. "It seems the police had been asked not to take any action and in effect to give a free hand to the goondas…. If true, the Bangalore Police Commissioner must resign; if he was instructed by CM, the CM must resign."

Read Shenoy's devastating exposition, and come back here and leave a comment.