CHURUMURI POLL: Should IAS men act in films?

Last week's release of Naga, the feature film starrring the controversial bureaucrat K. Shivaramu, has reopened the old question: Should IAS officers be allowed to act in movies?

Those in favour say they should be as long as the requisite permissions have been taken and the acting doesn't interfere with their official duties. They say that if reviewing books or acting in plays and TV serials is considered all right, then so should acting in movies. They say that allowing officers to pursue their hobbies will help them discharge their official duties better. Etcetera.

Those opposed say that an IAS officer is a figure of authority; to have him running around trees with skimpily-clad girls and bashing up the bad guys doesn't cut a good picture. They say that acting in meaningful cinema without a fee is one thing, acting in commercial cinema almost amounts to a second career. They say it is reprehensible that an IAS officer should have a fans' association because his films. Etcetera.

What do you think? Should K. Shivaramu, who is already under a Lok Ayukta cloud, be excused? Or should the government crack down on him for violating the service rules? Will Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, a film producer, take a lenient view? Would a lady IAS officer have been shown the same leeway?

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