Look, What’s Happening at Murthy Angadi #4

Meanwhile, at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, also known as Murthy Angadi, there has been a major reshuffle.

Kis Baay Dasa, the pattinga who used to sit at the “cash”, has been told by Chandan, sowcarara hendthi oorina huduga, to get some innocent boys from his village to join the angadi, because with so many foreign malls and maliges opening, not too many are excited to join Murthy Angadi.

Dasa is now officially a director, but the other boys and girls in Murthy Angadi do not know whether this is a promotion or a demotion.

After all, there were never any rumours that he had nung-ed any money. And, after all, even sowcar-ru was happy when he was buying so many sites that many people were beginning to think of the Angadi as a real estate agency.

Those who hate Dasa say he has been taken away from “cash” because he was talking too much and beginning to interfere in everything. Yem. Aa. Chandramma who had the distinction of recruiting Murthy Angadi’s first employee, apparently left because she couldn’t stand Dasa’s interference any longer.

But those who love Kis Baay Dasa, and that includes himself and his dear calculator, say this is what he had been wanting all along, to be a director of the Angadi, not just another employee. In fact, they say, he engineered Yem. Aa. Chandramma’s exit so that he could become director. Whatever.

Yem. Aa. Chandramma’s husband has been telling all those who will listen that this is Chandan’s masterstroke because the “travels fellow” was getting too much publicity although he was not one of the founders of the Angadi.

But clearly the shift has begun to hurt.

Kis Baay Dasa is known to have called up a reporter of the Marwadi Patrike to complain about a story which suggested that he had been kicked upstairs.

Disclaimer: All the characters and situations mentioned in ‘Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi are completely kalpanik. Any resemblance to kirana or gharana stores, present or past, is completely coincidental and unintentional because, you see, there is more than one Murthy in every Halli.