The first scam of the Kumaraswamy government?

Here is a mini-quiz. A delegation of citizens calls on a state government official asking for a road to be widened. The official pleads helplessness.

He reportedly tells them that the government has been cold-shouldering his organisation’s files. He reportedly tells them that the pleas of private builders are getting preferential treatment at the hands of junior secretaries. He also reportedly calls the incumbent government “the most unfit government” he had seen.

What do you think should happen in ideal circumstances?

The government should inquire from objective sources if the official did indeed make the last of those comments. The government should check if bureaucrats were showing undue courtesy to private builders, and if so why. The government should check which of the official’s plans were ignored.

However, the Kumaraswamy government has done none of these with the Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) Commissioner, S.N. Nagaraju. It has summarily suspended the official without so much as an inquiry, and without answering any of the other questions raised.

Is the coalition government trying desperately to hide something?

A real estate scam, maybe, in the name of turning Mysore into “the second IT capital of the state”? A kind of scam that has turned Bangalore into the hell-hole it has become?