Is Amartya Sen a traitor for backing Pakistan?

As someone who detests the manufactured jingoism of modern-day cricket commentators who seem to believe and convey that India has been divined by the Great Umpire upstairs to win against all teams all the time, it greatly pleases yours truly to read Prof Amartya Sen's recent comments on this very delicious issue.

In an anecdote in his upcoming book Identity and Violence, Prof Sen speaks of backing Pakistan against India in the 2004 one-day series. He says he did this because they were losing and he wanted to keep the game interesting.

"But then they kept winning which I thought was a little extreme," says Prof Sen in an interview with The Guardian, London, almost as if in defiance of Norman Tebbit's infamous cricket test for determining nationality.

"I am not sure how much into cricket Lord Tebbit is. If you are into cricket, then you would realise that who you are cheering for will depend on your location, your regional loyalty, and also on the nature of the game, where you are in the series and who is playing, how well, and whose playing you would like to see…."

What do you think? Is Prof Sen wrong to back Pakistan? Are we all duty-bOund to support India at all times?

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