How Kaavya Got Fame, Fortune and Got Screwed

Why Kaavya Vishwanathan did what she did we will never know (maybe V.N. Narayanan can enlighten us). Peer pressure? Overweening ambition? A thirst for success at all costs? Teenage mischief? DKCS: don't know, can't say.

But it's great fun to re-read her interview in last week's Sunday Magazine of The Hindu (presciently headlined 'A fairy tale debut') with fresh glasses.

Asked about how she came up with the idea for the story, she says "I totally identified with the angst of the high school experience and thought it was a story I could tell well."

Asked how she wrote the book in the midst of assignments, tests and the rest of college life, she says, "The whole writing part is now a blur to me. I remember going to the library and spending three to hour every day, just working on my ideas."

And asked about whether she had started work on the sequel, she says "No, I haven't. I'm actually terrified about the writing process this time around. What if I have nothing to say? What if I can't write?"

Yeh point note kiya jaaye, your honour.