Why couldn’t the Sardar buy an Arrow shirt?

Ever since I was told by my father of a possibly apocryphal angadi in Shimoga called Devare Gathi Stores, I have always been fascinated by the names of shops.

And, as if to quench my thirst, there's a lively debate going on in the British newspapers of such shop names, with letter-writers from both sides of the "pond" chipping in.

Here's a sampling:

10) Van Gough: van hiring company owned by Gough family

9) Has Beans: coffee shop

8) Tree Dimensions: landscape gardeners

7) Drain Brain: plumbing contractors

6) Lox, Stock & Bagel: Jewish restaurant

5) Cycle-logical: bike shop

4) Hound of the Basket Meals: mobile canteen

3) Fishcotheque: fish and chips shop

2) Agatha Crustie: bakery

But the top entry has to be a proposal to set up a school where i-Pods are used as teaching devices.

The name? Podshala, of course.


That still doesn't answer the headline of this post: Why couldn't the Sardar buy an Arrow shirt?

Answer: because each time he went to the store, the logo would point him to the next shop.


Seen/heard a good shop name? Tell us.