T.J.S. GEORGE: Immaturity breeds incompetence

It’s not often that T.J. S. George speaks his mind on journalism. At least, not in public.

Founder-editor of Asiaweek magazine, editorial advisor to the New Indian Express group, and the author of numerous books ranging from music (MS), to words (Enquire Dictionary), George is the ultimate wordsmith but also, paradoxically, a man of few words.

In a rare interaction with the Mysore District Journalists' Association (thank you Amshi Prasanna), George took questions from journalists and journalism students on Sunday morning.

Among the key points he made:

# There is a lot of immaturity in Indian journalism; out of that comes incompetence.

# Journalism is getting less and less important in Indian media, and content is no longer king.

# Money-success has become the be-all and end-all of newcomers in journalism.

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