CHURUMURI POLL: Will Metro save Bangalore?

Now that the final central government clearance for the Metro rail project has come, it's time to ask if it will really bring Bangalore back from the brink? Or if the toothpaste has come out of the tube just too much for it to be put back? Will the 33-km line see the light of day in five years or will it end up becoming a showpiece, something to show the world that we tried to save Bangalore?

Will a population that has seen the joys of personal transport ever hop on to the Metro which, in Delhi, is one of the more expensive forms of public transport? And most important of all, will the Metro be used by everybody including the rich and powerful of Bangalore, like mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York, or will it be something that the moneyed would want the middle and lower classes to use so that the roads are free for their cars, Cadillacs and convertibles? Speak.