CHURUMURI POLL: Is a stock scam on the way?

Down 490 points in the first few minutes of trading one morning; up 532 points through the rest of the day. Down the moment rumours about P-notes and the "Mauritius Route" circulate; up the moment the finance ministry denies. Down when the demat scam hits the ceiling; up during weekend trading.

That in short is the Indian stock market, where millions of investors are rushing because the bank deposits have become so unattractive. Where each fall brings promises of a SEBI probe; each rise has the finance minister gloating like the cat who got the cream.

Questions: Are Harshad Mehta and Ketan Mehta history, or is another nice little scam still hovering over the horizon? Are promoters, brokers and brokerages making hay or is SEBI turning out to be a joke? And is the market really safe enough for you to put your dough?