CHURUMURI POLL: Will Narendra Modi be sacked?

The outbreak of motivated communal violence in Baroda, just a year before Assembly elections are held in Gujarat, brings back haunting memories of the 2002 pogrom. But there is a key difference this time: the BJP is no longer in power at the Centre.

Questions: Will the UPA government use the partisan role being played by the police and the active role being played in BJP/ VHP/ Bajrang Dal in abetting the violence to sack the Narendra Modi government and impose President’s Rule? Will the President, who burnt his fingers and reputation in Bihar, oblige?

Should Modi be sacked for deliberately embarking on a confrontationist path and letting things get out of control? How long will the fortunes of Indian political parties and personalities continue to be built on the blood of innocent people? Will we see a repeat of 2002, on the streets and in the ballot boxes?