Bangalore is dead. Long live ‘Bangalore’.

Bangalore may be dead in more ways than one. It may be dead as a City which crumbled under the weight of its own hype. And it may be dead as a City whose name was sought to be changed to Bengalooru at the behest of you-know-who.

Now, here’s a nice little rumour doing the rounds. Apparently, Ashok Kheny the man behind the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastucture Corridor, wants to name one of the five townships that will come up along the expressway as ‘Bangalore’.

Whether this is a tribute to the once-beautiful capital or a slap on the cheeks of those who tried the name-change, we will never know. In fact, with Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy indicating that he had more important things on his plate than changing Bangalore’s name, will a ‘Duplicate Bangalore’ even be necessary?