Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #5

Meanwhile, at the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka, also known as Murthy Angadi, there was an embarrassing incident involving sowcar-ru recently.

Sowcar-ru, who lectures anybody who cycles by of the angadi‘s adherence to corporate governance, SEI-Level Five, Sigma Six and all that, was felled by a major bout of food poisoning when he was visiting the pettige angadi in Mysore.

Since this happened in the presence of fair-skinned dealers suppliers, from whom sowcar-ru picks up different kinds of accents during different times of the year, the embarrassment was all the more acute.

The head-hunters were called in to hunt heads of a different kind and they zeroed in on the water supplied by “the local government” which they all agreed does not believe in corporate governance, SEI-Level Five or Sigma Six.

Immediately, a firman went out that henceforth only mineral water is to be used in Murthy Angadi, especially when sowcar-ru is around.

This was done, but soon there was another bout of food poisoning, this time because of the mineral water whose company claimed it practised in corporate governance, SE Level Five or Sigma Six but in effect did not.

Now, the head-hunters have bought hundreds of kilos of chlorine tablets from companies which they hope and pray believe in corporate governance, SEI Level Five and/or Sigma Six. The standing order is that these should be used whereever water is used in Murthy Angadi (except where the sowcar-ru and girakis sit, of course).

No further bouts of food poisoning have since been reported but the major casualty are the restaurants, juice centres and other kiosks located in the umbrella of Murthy Angadi. The chefs and their clients and connoisseurs are complaining that everything from Ghas ghase payasa to Chicken 24X7X365 has a distinct taste of chlorine.

Disclaimer: All characters and situations mentioned in Look, What’s Happening at Murthy Angadi are completely kalpanik. Any resemblance to angadis and sowcar-ru of similar surnames and accents is entirely magical and miraculous. (All the products mentioned here including ghas ghase payasa are the registered trademarks of our respective ajjis. All wrongs reversed.)