Pyaare Manmohan, where the bloody hell are U?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: In the last one week, there have been terrible calamities striking India one after the other.

There was the communal clash in Baroda. There was the Lashkar attack in Doda. There was the Taliban killing of Suryanarayana. There was the death of Pramod Mahajan. And there have been innumerable bus and train tragedies involving the loss of lives of tens of simple Indians.

In the midst of all this, has any one seen or heard our Honourable Prime Minister, aside from his inane boiler-plate statement that India will not 'tolerate' terrorism!

We needed a hands-on Prime Minister who would have talked tough to the Taliban. We needed a statesman Prime Minister who would have attended Mahajan's funeral. However, to see Manmohan Singh use all his time for electioneering should leave you wondering if he has a mind of his own.

One gets a feeling that the Prime Minister is content warming his seat and dreadfully waiting to be told his time is up!

The gung-ho talk about FDI and 8 per cent growth is all very well. Respecting the 'inner voice' is OK, but the country is bigger and much more than just economics.

Manmohan has turned the reservation issue into a one-to-one fight between Arjun Singh and Kapil Sibal and hasn't said a word! At this rate our P.M. will become a nonentity. It looks like Rahul Gandhi is wrong. He is not ready for Uttar Pradesh; maybe he is ready for India!

Will the last person who has seen or heard our Honourable Prime Minister say or do something remotely relevant or meaningful to us please leave a comment?