CAMPAIGN: Freudian slip-up in Yadavagiri

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: The Hindu today has an article on how the psychoanalyst genius Sigmund Freud is being remembered in the Czech Republic on the occasion of his 150th birth anniversary.

In Prague, seminars, conferences and public exhibitions—one chaired by President Vlaclav Klaus himself—are being held to signal the revival of Freudian thought.

In the Moravian town of Pribor, the undistinguished family house where Freud was born, has been renovated and restored. It’s slated to open on May 27 as a museum.

Summing up its mission, the town hall’s website says: “We will attempt to introduce Sigmund Freud by means of his ideas.”

And what did we do to the great R.K. Narayan?

Is this why Europe looks and seems more evolved intellectually and we are like this only?

As for the Mysore Mayor Bharathi, hope she has recovered from her ‘trance’ during the ‘karaga’ procession the other day.

She better get well soon for she has even more propitious tasks to accomplish in her tenure!