To each her own five-and-a-half metres of woe

SUNAAD RAGHURAM writes: I was very happy to meet Yamuna, an old classmate from Maharaja’s College, at the wedding of our friend, Sharat Chandra, today. Our meeting was the first in nearly two decades, which meant we had a lot of catching up to do.

Amidst the many things that we said to each other, I noticed that she was ill at ease in a saree that she wore, she of the jeans and T-shirt fame in college!

”You better change into something more comfortable the moment you get back to your hotel room,” I suggested. She nodded and smiled.

Another friend, Muddu Krishna, who was standing close by, whispered, “Yamuna finds it difficult to stay in a saree. But for Bipasha Basu, the saree finds it difficult to stay on her!”