BREAKING NEWS: Jayalalithaa on her way out

The first exit poll for the Tamil Nadu assembly elections is out. And Jayalalithaa Jayaram seems to be on her way out.

The poll, reportedly conducted for Times of India‘s television channel Times Now by Hansa Research, reportedly with a sample size of over 60,000 respondents, shows that the DMK front will gain 150 out of the 234 seats on offer, and the AIADMK alliance will gain 81.

It marks a -13.4 per cent vote swing against AIADMK and a +4.3 per cent swing in favour of DMK. The AIADMK had bagged 195 seats in 2001, and DMK and its allies had bagged 37 seats. Which means AIADMK has lost 114 seats, with 113 of them going to the DMK.