Yes, it’s true. Voters are wiser than we think.

Tomorrow is counting day. As you see breathless anchors and shrieking savithris belting out cliches like "anti-incumbency" and "TINA", spare a thought for this interesting Indian Express story which shows that in 10 of the 17 States which have gone to the polls recently, a drop in GDP has seen the ruling party being kicked out.

As for the four States where the EVMs will be opened tomorrow… Tamil Nadu's growth has plummetted from 6.33 per cent to 1.97 per cent; Kerala's growth has dipped from 4.81 per cent to 4.79 per cent; Assam's has gone up from 2.16 per cent to 4.53 per cent; and West Bengal's growth rate has gone up from 6.97 per cent to 7.22 per cent.

By that yardstick, Jayalalithaa Jayaram and Oomen Chandy are both out, Tarun Gogoi is in and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, most certainly.