DISGRACE: Why are so we lacking in swabhimana?

SUMA RAMANNA writes from Madras: We are proud Mysoreans from Srirampura living in Chennai since the last three years. And for three years now, I have felt completely alienated.

Ello bere deshadalli idddene annisuthe.

Here, except Kannada, all other south Indian languages are powerful. Illi Telugu, Malayalam pictures run for 100 days. One can get VCDs, DVDs, books in Telugu and Malayalam, but not in Kannada.

No way. Kannada is a foreign language in its own country. Getting any Kannada thing is impossible.

Don’t think there are no Kannadigas here. There is a large section of them. In fact, there is a big Karnataka Sangha in T. Nagar which is in the heart of the city. It also runs a reputed school. But organizing Kannadigas happens in a very low key manner.

Why are we still like this? Why can’t we do something to get a better position for ourselves in other states? (Of course, Kannada is missing on Bangalore’s streets itself, but at home everyone learns to live in any difficult situation.)

Instead of fighting for classical language status, why can’t Kannadigas work to improve the status of Kannada and Kannadigas elsewhere? Why can’t film producers release Kannada films here instead pf protesting against the early release of Tamil and Telugu films there?

Alli Tamil film ododadare, illi yake Kannada odolla?

I think the saying that Kannadigas lack swabhimana is perfectly right. Yake naavu heege? Prapanchakke namma iruvike gothu aagabekadare we should cry.

Without crying when a child won’t get any food then how will we get the due recognition we are eligible for?

So I urge all Kannadigas to do something to improve our status. As Bangalore becomes famous we must make it a point to popularize Kannada around the world.

Elladaru iru, enthadaru iru, endendigu nee Kannadavanagiru.

My husband and I follow this dictum very well. We have not yet learnt Tamil till now, but it does not serve any purpose. We have to do something else. What?