Look, what’s happening at Murthy Angadi #6

Meanwhile, India’s most famous investigative journalist reports to churumuri that the malikaru of the Sikkapatte Important Company of Karnataka also known as Murthy Angadi is being presented to very swish audiences in Switzerland as the man who refused the Presidentship of India.

“Twice this has happened in my own presence,” reports our unimpeachable source in the Alps, “and both times sowcar-ru has failed to say illa guru.” In other words, there has been no denial that the man who runs a small Angadi has never come within striking distance of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Since churumuri, as a professional media organisation, believes in triple-checking what has already been double-checked, we spoke to some very high-ranking people in Delhi, including an editor who says he is always asked how close he is to the PM. He too denies the simple shopkeeper was ever in the running to be the C-in-C.

Meanwhile, Ramachandra, the tall fellow whom sowcar-ru often calls upon to pull out stuff from the loft, says sowcar-ru will be doubly disappointed soon when a well-known columnist will soon call Amartya Sen as the man who should be the next President of the country.

Disclaimer: All the characters and situations mentioned in ‘Look, what’s happening in Murthy Angadi‘ are the pigment of the writer’s coloured imagination. Any resemblance to journalists, columnists or editors, alive or nitpicking, is the unfortunate result of reading far too many papers and magazines when we should have been going to Aptech or NIIT.