Is this India’s most racist ad or most futuristic?

It is quite the fashion to decry caste-based matrimonials. To come down on house-owners who want “Only Vegetarians”. To slam Hindu landlords who refuse to let out property to Muslims and Christians. Or to decry business leaders opposed to reservations.

But how do you look at this advertisement of the Pondicherry-based publishing company ‘Navayana’ for an Editor which, while seeking affirmative applications, stipulates that ‘ONLY DALITS NEED APPLY’?

Maybe the publishers are seeking to right a historical wrong. Maybe they are seeking to reverse “thousands of years” of subjugation. Maybe they are giving back as good as they got. Or maybe this is just a fashion statement.

But, for all the ranting at the meritocracy that corporates practice, for all the whispering about how Dalits are kept out, has anyone ever seen an ad that openly shouts, ‘ONLY BRAHMINS NEED APPLY‘?

Is this reverse-racism, or a shape of things to come?

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