Haavu any idea about others who are afflicted?

Not just Sachin Tendulkar. There may be others in international cricket who may be suffering from 'Sarpa Dosha', and used it to their advantage without the knowledge of ICC or Kukke Subramanya authorities: 

5. Waqar Younis (Pakistan): because of those snaking inswinging yorkers which started off from somewhere in front of second slip and took off the legstump.

4. Paul Adams (South Africa): because of the run-up and the frog-in-the-blender action.

3. Brian Lara (West Indies): because of the exaggerated backlift which suggests a boa that has crept into hisss bat.

2. Muttiah Muralitharan (Sri Lanka): because of those eyes, which swirl from right to left, because of the arm which twirls from back to front, and because of the ball which spins, bounces and all but reveals its fangs on the way to the batsman or wicketkeeper.

1. Billy Bowden (New Zealand): because of those legs and because of that raised finger.

Can you think of other cricketers—past and present—with possible signs of 'Sarpa Dosha'? Mohammed Kaif maybe, for the way he runs between the wickets? Andrew Nel for his stare? Tell us.