Criss-crossing State is CM’s main achievement

BAPU SATYANARAYANA writes: Though H.D. Kumaraswamy burst on the Karnataka political scene like a fresh breeze, promising a new administrative culture and better governance inside 100 days, the indications are not propitious. This is evident from the fact that he has now asked for another 100 days to show results.

He must be realising slowly but surely that he cannot easily shrug off the dark legacy he has inherited though it must be said that he is making the right noises and placing emphasis on the right issues.

The first hurdle he faces is from the bureaucracy. At one stage the IAS signified Impartiality, Anonymity and Speaking his mind fearlessly. Today, there is little evidence of it as they stall or scotch moves which which does not suit their purpose. Can Kumaraswamy cut this Gordian knot?

The CM's professed determination to root out corruption has not gone well with the IAS who have their own code of conduct reminiscent of the Sicilian mafia.

The second problem he faces is the ubiquitous corruption, and despite his efforts it continues unabated. The third issue which may prove the final nemesis of his regime is the stranglehold of the real-estate mafia in which very powerful people are involved.

If he can control these three evils he will have ushered in a new political culture. Is he game to face the challenges?
100 gone, 100 more to go. The mood of the people can easily change if there is nothing to show on the ground for the innumerable promises he has made during his whirlwind tour criss-crossing Karnataka which seems to be the chief hallmark of his regime during the first 100 days.