‘I hereby swear in the name of Hippocrates…’

Okay, so Arjun Singh insists on going ahead with the 27 per cent reservations for OBCs. Kamal Nath wants it too as does P. Chidambaram. Soon, a political "consensus" will emerge and the Opposition will fall in.

Here's a trade-off. If our politicians think relentless reservations is the only way for social upliftment, here's an even better idea.

Let the Election Commission secure from each and every elected member of our Parliament, State Assemblies, City Corporations, Town Municipalities, Zilla and Mandal Panchayats a medical affidavit.

A medical affidavit that states firmly and clearly that, in the name of Hippocrates, the MP/ MLA/ MLC/ Corporator/ Councillor/ ZP-MP member—and his/her parents, wives and children, and their immediate families—shall never ever be treated or operated upon by any doctor in future except at the hands of those who have gained admission through the new quota they are now prescribing.

Oh, yes, even in life-threatening situations like Pramod Mahajan's.