CHURUMURI EXCLUSIVE: A slice of old Mysore

Churumuri takes great pride and pleasure in serving up a nostalgic slice of Mysore to its growing band of readers across the globe. Today, and the over the next few days, we will run excerpts from the Handbook of the City of Mysore written by T.G. Lakshmana Rao, then president of the Municipal Council, in 1915.

The handbook, a vital public document, brings alive the Mysore of 90 years ago. Ninety years ago, our population was 71,306. Ninety years ago, Kukkarahalli Tank was a source of water-supply. And 90 years ago, there were two hotels for the convenience of European visitors to our City, and both were kept by Parsis.

Churumuri gratefully acknowledges the support of Mysore’s premier dentist, Dr B.K. Chandra Mohan, is making available this document.