MIDWEEK MASALA: The Field Marshal & The Bride

Some time in the 1930s, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa, then a Captain based in Quetta, hosted a dinner for his just-married colleague Nathu Singh. Seeing the newly wed girl sitting alone and lonely as the men imbibed, Cariappa tried to put her at ease.

"Can I get you something, my dear? Orange juice or mango juice—or mohabbat ka phal ka ras?" asked Captain Cariappa.

Hearing the amorous-sounding last item, the blushing bride rushed to her husband. Captain Singh appears to ask what happened.

"Nothing," says Captain Cariappa, "I just asked her if she would like some orange juice or mango juice—or passion fruit juice."

(Churumuri thanks the Field Marshal's daughter, Nalini Cariappa, for this ancedote)