Of course, journalists are to blame for this too

Vijaya Karnataka has published today the "rates" for transfers of various categories of government officials. The rates are clearly directly proportional to "income". 

Assistant Commissioner of Police: Rs 9 lakh

Deputy director of a department: Rs 8 lakh

Sub-inspector: Rs 5 lakh

Tahsildars: Rs 5 lakh

Forest officers: Rs 2-5 lakh

Doctors: Rs 2 lakh

Nurses: Rs 40,000

Teachers: Rs 25,000

There are only three points to be made to a list like this: 1) Since the media is reporting this, the actual rates must be even higher, 2) This is further proof that the Lok Ayukta drive is a major charade to keep the middleclasses happy, and 3) It says a lot for our society and its priorities that a profession like teaching is the bottom of the scale.