Acting Chief Minister pulls a fast one on Gowda

S.S. KARNADSHAW writes from Bangalore: Look, who’s tipped to become the new chairman of the Kannada Development Authorty? ‘Mukyamantri’ Chandru is who.

The comic-villain is being considered for the cabinet-rank job apparently because of his diatribe against deputy chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa, shortly after the new team was sworn in 100 days ago.

Just goes to show that it pays to shout.

And who is circulating the rumour of Chandru’s ascension to the post with utter disgust? Doddarange Gowda is who.

The ‘utter disgust’ needs some explanation: Gowda had got his third, yes third, festcrift volume ready to make an impression and display his popularity to those who matter.

Gowda had penned paeans to Balagangadharnath Swami of Adichunchangiri Mutt and released CDs. He had got his daughter married last fortnight and invited the influential. Yet if the largely decorative KDA job is not going to be his, he is entitled to some disgust, isn’t he?

Well, Doodarange Gowda like his film songs has that easy alliteration and tri-syllabic simplicity in his approach to things and that’s not an asset in this cultural world, where people have mastered the art of crawling below, as they say, a rangoli.

Gowdaji you should take some lessons from Bargur Ramachandrappa, Karnataka’s classic crawler, who has always got what he has aspired for, more undeservingly than otherwise.

First, he cultivated Sarekoppa Bangarappa and became the Sahitya Akademi president. Then he cultivated another Idiga, Dr Raj Kumar, to become chairman of KDA when S.M. Krishna was CM.

And when Dr Raj died, he reaped it rich again (you will see the gains coming soon) by crying on TV and telling those who mattered that the natasarvabhouma visited him in his dreams. For the record, Ramachandrappa’s ideology is ‘bandaya,’ but his politics is unmistakably Congressi.