CHURUMURI POLL: Should boys sit next to girls?

The decision of Bangalore University Syndicate to not let boys and girls sit next to each other has predictably led to shouts of “moral police, moral police”. The move, sparked by an attack on a group of women students in the English department, has been pioneered by K. Narahari, a former BJP MLC who believes the campus violence started because a boy could not sit beside a girl.

“if such things are going to disturb the atmosphere, it is better we seat them separately. I am not saying they should not speak to each other, but discipline ought to be maintained. If sitting near a boy is being progressive, I do not agree with it,” Narahari said before an outcry prompted a possible rethink.

Questions: Is Narahari right or wrong? Is seating segregation in co-ed colleges good or bad? Is it any of the University’s business if a girl wants to sit next a boy, or vice-versa? Are teachers stretching their imagination of what might happen a little too much? Are the students not old enough to make a proper choice? Tell.