Did you put petrol into the Maharaja’s tank?

Heard a most delightful ancedote this morning on how Ideal Jawa, the Made-in-Mysore motorcycle that became famous across the country as Yezdi, may have come to be called Ideal Jawa.

Apparently, the founder of the company, Faroukh Irani, was very close to Maharaja Jayachamaraja Wodeyar. The Maharaja may even have helped with some seed money to help it take off. As a mark of gratitude, if not reverence, Irani, the source said, called the company Jawa, Ja coming from Jayachamaraja and Wa coming from Wadiyar.

As Phillip Knightley says in his memoirs, A Hack’s Progress, interesting if true. I had an uncle who would often claim Lido theatre was a contraction of Lingaiah and Doddaiah. That, sadly, turned to be untrue and therefore less interesting.