Prasanna, the batsman, takes guard in lit spat

S.S. KARNADSHA writes from Bangalore: The Agrahara Krishnamurthy-Central Sahitya Akademi saga is not over yet.

After shooting himself in the foot by overplaying the Kannada card, Krishnamurthy has now employed the enormously creative Prasanna, former director of the Rangayana, to bat for him in Delhi.

As his quest for the secretaryship has run into trouble, it has become clear that Krishnamurthy has been failing in his attempts because of his bad linguistic and communication skills.

To take on the Delhi lobby he neither can manage good English nor Hindi, and to take on the anti-lobby within Karnataka, his Kannada is grossly inadequate.

Indeed, if one looks at all the publicity that this row has received, 99 per cent of the English stories, the ones that will be read in Delhi, have been against him and 100 per cent of the Kannada ones have been in his favour. But lowly mother Kannada has little use in this battle.  

This is where master-strategist Prasanna comes in to muster the media and to put the proper spin.

Also, the main stigma against Krishnamurthy now, besides the well-publicised one of a CBI enquiry, is that he is an "RSS man". How did this allegation crop up? By the kind of people who have popped to support him: S.L. Bhyrappa and Chidanandamurthy to name just two. 

Also, Krishnamurthy is seen as akademi president Gopichand Narang's stooge, and Narang had a cosy relationship with the former BJP regime.

Introducing this RSS element has been a masterstroke on the part of the anti-lobby, being led by an eminent Kannadiga and has already serve to put off the Congress-led government in Delhi. 

The only thing that Krishnamurthy can be happy about this controversy is that four Jnanpith laureates are actively working to get rid of the secretary-designate.

And they haven’t quite succeeded. Yet. Enter Pras.