NDTV: 58% want reservations in private sector

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government has completed two years in office. How has it fared? And what is the man on the street thinking on what it has done in the foreign policy, financial and social sectors?

NDTV tonight aired a nationwide opinion poll done in association with the market research agency, MODE. 4,000 urban and rural respondents were polled. Prannoy Roy says the sampling error is 3-4%. These are the findings: 

1) Is Manmohan Singh overshadowed by Sonia Gandhi? Yes: 71%, No: 25%

2) Who between them is more powerful? Sonia: 61%, Manmohan: 36%

3) Who would make a better PM? Manmohan: 32%, Sonia, 31%, Vajpayee: 29%

4) What kind of impact does the Left have on the UPA government? Big: 51%, Minor: 39%

5) Does the Manmohan government listen to the Left? Yes: 46%, No: 43%

6) Is Left pressure good for the country? Yes: 61%, Bad: 28%

7) Is UPA taking India closer to the United States? Yes: 80%, No: 15%

8) Is India getting closer to US good or bad? Good: 76%, Bad: 15%

9) Is UPA taking India closer to Pakistan? Yes: 72%, No: 21%

10) Is India getting closer to Pakistan good or bad? Good: 72%, No: 26%

11) Should colleges have more reserved seats? Yes: 64%, No: 32%

12) Should there be reservations in the private sector? Yes: 58%, No: 37%

13) Is reservations in private sector a good thing? 74% SC/STs say yes, 72% OBCs say yes, 43% general category say yes

14) Will the reservation policy help or hurt the UPA government? Help: 62%, Hurt: 32%

15) Is the new reservation policy a gimmick or a genuine move? Gimmick: 57%, Genuine: 37%

16) Is Manmohan Singh an honest politician? Yes: 88%, No: 10%

17) Can Manmohan take tough decisions: Yes: 62%, No: 35%

18) Is India better/worse than before or the same under Manmohan? Better/worse: 53%