CHURUMURI POLL: Manmohan—good, bad, sad?

The United Progressive Alliance government has just completed two years in office. How do you rate its performance? Good, bad or sad? And how many marks would you give it out of 10?

Has Manmohan Singh done a good job with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Right to Information Act; with friendlier ties with the United States and Pakistan; with reduced communal tensions; with a booming economy?

Or has Manmohan Singh done a bad job with the continuing farmers' suicides, with the reservation fracas, with the Natwar Singh scandal, with the nuclear deal which mortgages India's energy interests, with the kowtowing to the World Bank and ADB?

Or has Manmohan Singh been just a sad, ineffective, bureaucratic PM who has been used by the Congress to dislodge governments in Bihar, Jharkhand and Goa, to protect Ottavio Quattrochi in the Bofors deal, and to shield Sonia Gandhi hersef in the office of profit controversy?