CHURUMURI POLL: Is Ganguly gone for good?

Yes, we know he hasn't been in the team for a while now. Yes, we know the chairman of the selectors Kiran More can't stand the mention of his name. But somewhere, deep down, there was a suspicion that if Sachin Tendulkar didn't make it, Saurav Ganguly might get a look-in. But the announcement of the team for the Test series against West Indies has shut another door on the Bengal Tiger.

Questions: Does Ganguly stand no chance whatsoever? Has he fallen victim of the factional war between the Sharad Pawar and Jagmohan Dalmiya camps in the BCCI? Most importantly, is this the way we treat a stand-out captain who tamed Australia and Pakistan? Couldn't we even give him a farewell match? Have we become such a graceless country lacking in the very basic norms of civility? And should Rahul Dravid keep quiet, when a similar fate could befall him?