‘Sorry,’ says Aamir Khan, ‘I can’t say sorry’

Aamir Khan has refused to apologise for his comments on the Narmada Dam issue which has blocked the release of his latest film Fanaa in Gujarat.

Activists of the BJP youth wing had demanded an unqualified apology from the star to Gujaratis for his “anti-Gujarat”, “anti-Narmada”, “anti-development” stand if his movie was to be screened by multiplexes in the State.

But the star, at a media conference, this evening, said: “”I am saying exactly what the Supreme Court has said. I only asked for rehabilitation of poor farmers who have been displaced from their homes and lands. I never spoke against the construction of the dam. I haven’t said anything wrong. I will not apologise for my comments on the issue.”

What do you think? Should Aamir Khan apologise? Has it become a crime in “democratic” India to hold a contrary view? Is the mighty Indian State incapable of hearing a view contradictory to its own? Is everybody expected to agree with everything everybody else does?

Or, to put it bluntly, has the whole dispute assumed a barely concealed communal colour?