‘May quota-free colleges bloom all across Asia’

Since the politicians cannot see reason as long as they see votes, and since deserving students see no hope as long as politicians can't see them, Jaytirth Rao, the youngest Citibank countryhead ever and the chairman and CEO of Mphasis, has a plausible solution for the reservation impasse.

Let's privatise affirmative action, he says. Let educational entrepreneurs set up reservation-free colleges in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, Dubai, etc, where "the decisions of our honourable Central cabinet, the diktats of our feudal-socialist HRD minister, the directives of our much-amended Constitution do not apply".

"Trust me, the holders of 'unreserved' foreign degrees will command higher wages than holders of 'reserved' domestic degrees. The immutable laws of the labour market shall prevail and once again our cabinet of central planning aficionados will be made fools of, albeit after adding transaction costs to the economy and unbearable and avoidable angst to thousands of deserving 'non-backward' students who are not rich enough to cross the borders to the new colleges that spring up."