CHURUMURI POLL: Tigers at home, lambs abroad?

India's 1-3 defeat in the one-day series against West Indies, with the last match still to be played, has predictably led to the prophets of doom leaping into hyperbole. Navjot Singh Sidhu, the televisionary of understatement, has already decreed that Rahul Dravid's side, which won 17 ODIs before losing three in a row, are tigers at home. And everybody from Brian Lara to Chris Gayle is saying they were egged on by Greg Chappell's statement that the West Indians have "forgot how to win".

Questions: Was the recent winning run of the Indian team a flash in the pan? Are the Indians really lambs abroad especially in bowler-friendly conditions? Has the team's chances in the absence of Sachin Tendulkar been exposed? Would Saurav Ganguly have been able to stem the tide? Does it really matter if we lose a one-day series? Will the side be able to pull back in the Tests?