The greatest philosopher of our times is on TV

To speak truthfully and insightfully today, you must have a sense of the absurdity of human life and endeavour. And by that yardstick, Homer Simpson, the cartoon character in The Simpsons, has plenty more than the greatest philosophers from Plato to Kant.

Sample: In one recent episode, Homer Simpson gives up church and decides to follow God in his own way: by watching the TV, slobbing about and dancing in his underpants. Throughout the episode he justifies himself in a number of ways.

  • "What's the big deal about going to some building every Sunday, I mean, isn't God everywhere?"
  • "Don't you think the almighty has better things to worry about than where one little guy spends one measly hour of his week?"
  • "And what if we've picked the wrong religion? Every week we're just making God madder and madder?"